The game we played together in the bedroom when you left me

ring nkling of an eye,
May has passed by half,
and it is almost the year of graduation.
Whenever this time I think of a song - Phoenix blossoms intersection,
the Phoenix flower in June,
it symbolizes graduation,
so every bloom will always remind us of that year graduation.
For most boys,
after graduation,
will enter the community began to work,
before the bedroom comrades again,
it is difficult as before,
the class will sit in front of the computer,
together open black,
together with High.
Speaking of being in the dorm together,
do you remember what you played with them when you graduated? If you remember,
come in and have a taste with Aggro.
this is a word in the memory of many people.
It really counts as the peak of an era.
How many times after class flew back to the dorm and roommate you,
open the computer to quickly High a Dota; how many times you run after school go to Internet cafes,
together with the students on the machine to a fast Dota,
High to you,
remember that picture? Warc