She finally became a sister to have loving parents and sister heart pain small baby is a reincarnation of small expert

ring go,
Li Xiaopeng announced the birth of his second children on micro-blogs good news.
Think of a happy family adds a new member,
Barbara sister is too happy after all from Christmas last year released angel is pregnant with a second child that day,
we have been looking forward to the upcoming birth of small baby,
also eager to call the baby Oreo! Originally super perfect family of three,
with Oreo,
but also a new height of happiness,
Dad gentle,
lovely mother,
small baby is destined to be held in the palm of the hand! Little baby was born with a world champion handsome dad.
With 16 gymnastics world champion title of Li Xiaopeng is not only the history of gymnastics champion China most athletes,
was the team play retired Yan Yan value value still online in addition to his own business,
daily life in addition to her daughter is wife,
micro-blog is contracted by them! Usually a time to accompany the Olivia around with her wine and dine with her painting,
looked at her daughter with her gentle water