In ten years the largest railway to open the train 300 on which you home

ring one of the biggest railway operation chart is adjusted to nearly ten years since the beginning of implementation,
the transfer plan to open the train for nearly 300,
increase what line? Did you know that? Xiaobian carefully combed for you.
What is a railway map? Simply put,
increase or decrease passenger train or freight train,
adjust the train departure site and time,
and finally to the site and time,
change the running route,
increase or decrease the stop site,
that is,
adjust the map.
The train map will affect all those who travel by train in China,
as well as the largest adjustment to the base map in ten years.
The new arrangements for passenger trains 3400 pairs,
of which more than 2100 pairs of EMU trains,
trains more than 1200 pairs of normal speed,
passenger train is increased by nearly 300 of the original.
EMU trains in the Beijing Shanghai,
Beijing Guangzhou,
Shanghai Kunming high-speed rail line to open the evening and the morning session of 100,
to close the big city small city to pr