In May 28th, the second session of the Central American CAFA game design industry forum guests

ring s one place that attracts the elite of the game art circle,
it can only be the highest art school in China - China Central Academy of Fine Arts! And the rhythm of the heavens is that such a lineup has also attracted a world-renowned multimedia artist,
teacher Amano Kita.
Small first overall introduce CAFA this activity,
then give you a detailed interpretation of the fate of guest lineup! About the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) game design industry forum,
many users are not new,
because in 2015,
the Central Academy of fine arts has successfully held a session,
causing the network and game circles hot.
Offline visitors more than 3000 people,
online daily visits of millions of http://www.
In 2016 this year,
I am afraid it is to the exciting rhythm.
The guests lineup covers a more global and diverse area.
From China to Japan to the United States,
from games to movies to animation to art,
it is an international entertainment art design forum! Amano Kita Yoshitaka Amano: now,