Apple's huge investment drops behind in the end what the map, this is the backwardness of domestic enterprises

ring  era ITtime2000 days before travel drops announced its latest round of financing has made important progress,
Apples  billion investment in the round,
drops become strategic investors,
this is Apples first investment China Internet Corporation.
Sales decline,
share prices plummeted,
policy constraints,
executives left,
and now the apple how a bad word?.
While Cook so generous investment drops,
he in the end for what consideration? But one thing is for sure,
for the Cook could not withdraw Eagle main,
  billion investment drops,
have a map.
Seize the mobile payment entrance at the beginning of this year Apple Pay landing China,
with WeChat,
Alipay snatch mobile payment entrance.
The apple investment drops great part of the reason may be in order to snatch mobile payment entrance,
promote Apple Pay in the country.
At this point,
the apple is likely to be like the original Ali and Tencent,
to taxi software as a pawn,
snatch mobile payment entrance,
expand mobile payment scenarios.
Now the paym