The real economy is gone, the Internet can not work, we should go from here?

ring e EMBA = business school the first public number,
free to subscribe to the journal source: Yang Qinkun (ID:iyqkpd) author: Yang Qinkun this is a cross-border robbery of the times,
you do not cross,
others would have crossed the field to beat you.
If one day you lose,
you dont even know who your opponent is.
This is the times,
and this is destiny.
Business booms or busts,
booms or busts,
wars and recessions - all of them go round and round,
but they always seem to come when people are unprepared.
- Peter Bernstein,
the risk,
the world has changed.
Closed shop tide intensified,
department stores,
convenience stores,
shopping malls all involved! An iron section; a running shop.
The closed shop,
or mean or mean pathos withdrawal,
Brokeback self-help,
or mean shift,
or means of mediation adjustment.
Whether the lessons or The imprint is engraved on my heart.
retreat strategy,
closed shop tide emerged even more ambitious plans strike the eye and rouse the mind the more wort