The 8 Secrets of wages, the boss never say, do not see the loss

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you can view the latest stock rating! Wage refers to the employer in the form of money paid directly to the labor remuneration of the employee,
including hourly wages,
piece rate wages,
allowances and subsidies,
prolong the working time of wages and special circumstances to pay wages,
How much do you know about salary? The following 8 secret bosses will never tell you.
Come and have a look! 1,
the total salary does not include subsidies and subsidies? Wrong! Total wages is composed of six parts: first time wages; the piecework; the bonus; the allowances and subsidies; the payment of overtime wages; the special circumstances wages.
Allowances and subsidies to compensate workers refers to the special or extra labor and other special reasons for the allowances paid to employees,
and in order to ensure that the impact of inflation on real wages paid to