ring  of | philosophy 1.
dont vain people,
Knowledge is infinite.
humility is a kind of attitude,
is a kind of self-cultivation.
Put themselves in a correct position,
the power is on,
the money is outside the body,
the body is their own,
life is long.
dont be blind commitment in which action will reap a habit; sow a habit will reap a character; a character will reap a destiny -- used to create a person.
do not ask yourself to solve the problem,
do not throw the problem to others.
Respect independence,
do not infringe on others,
regard yourself as yourself - cherish yourself and live happily.
To know someone is a kind of wisdom,
can be recognized is a kind of happiness,
can know oneself is the Holy sage.
dont impose all of this is people,
not deliberately; the world is the world,
not carefully to get.
The three realm of life: look at the mountain is the mountain,
look at the water is the water,
the beginning of the people; look at the mountain is not the mountain,
look at the water is no