Fruit in the morning, gold, afternoon, silver, evening is scrap iron, the truth is

ring it is really morning money,
afternoon silver? Another year of fruit listing,
here today to share some of the best time to eat fruit,
come to see it! Rumor 01,
before meals can not eat fruit,
affecting digestion and absorption of truth: half an hour before eating fruit can increase satiety,
but will not affect the digestion and absorption of food.
Fruits are rich in carbohydrates and can quickly be converted into glucose in the body and absorbed by the body.
With the rise in blood sugar,
can quickly reduce the brain of low blood sugar reaction,
and crude fiber in the fruit to stomach a bloated feeling,
so as to reduce the strong appetite,
so we reduce the diet high in fat and protein demand,
let us not violent overeating.
Rumor 02,
after dinner can not eat fruit,
will ferment in the stomach rot truth: 1 hours after eating fruit is the most appropriate.
Immediately after a meal to eat fruit,
slow digestion of starch,
protein and fat will affect digestion fast fruit,
may cause symptoms such as b