Do you know how hard it is to go to the college entrance examination in ancient times?

ring ory of 1400 years,
candidates even got to the capital to participate in college entrance examination qualifications,
the Beijing road is very dangerous,
families need to bear the heavy money,
there is a risk of unknown road.
This paper | ten years firewood Daoguang twenty-nine years (1849) the first month,
when the board of rites Shilang Zheng Guofan wrote a letter to the four brother apartment in Beijing,
talked about a story: the light of seventeen years,
two times already failed Zheng Guofan,
for the third time in eighteen years to light.
Once the family is a family was fairly well off the small landlords in the local,
but the first two times to already was almost out of money,
so people can only go to relatives and friends home loan.
Zhu Wang,
not a penny to borrow,
he had to go to find the same Uncle Li Jiang had Xiliu generation.
Once Xiliu is a business man,
he and his mate Chen Tiyuan will lend money to Zheng Guofan,
Zheng Guofan to Beijing,
and scholars in second years to enter the seni