Come on man, bad boy, Beijing and Shenzhen are hired!

ring rl you like like you all good! I was a bad boy mascot,
son of a bitch! Shuai Zhao Zhen Lou: Im an inexperienced dog,
has been years of quiet life,
pure 24K like me so handsome,
nobody bought me any one who has forced clothes! I am a handsome dog,
usually only naked! This is the place of work buddies,
ease in keyboard flying fingers every day they played chicken,
completely dont notice me this handsome dog has a lot of woman,
drink a lot,
a lot of benefits to join us please send your resume to: rosemarysinx.
com bad boy looking forward to joining you! Sales buddy Beijing K - 2K to start from the grassroots,
to help users find the courses they want to,
can hard-working,
honest and dedicated.
The executive director of the Beijing K  - 0 K 1,
to assist in the planning and formulation of business strategy,
complete the company administrative planning; 2,
formulate the rules and regulations of the company administration,
the administrative management planning of the company; 3,
responsible fo