Come on man, bad boy, Beijing and Shenzhen are hired!

ring rl you like like you all good! I was a bad boy mascot,
son of a bitch! Shuai Zhao Zhen Lou: Im an inexperienced dog,
has been years of quiet life,
pure 24K like me so handsome,
nobody bought me any one who has forced clothes! I am a handsome dog,
usually only naked! This is the place of work buddies,
ease in keyboard flying fingers every day they played chicken,
completely dont notice me this handsome dog has a lot of woman,
drink a lot,
a lot of benefits to join us please send your resume to: rosemarysinx.
com bad boy looking forward to joining you! Sales buddy Beijing K - 2K to start from the grassroots,
to help users find the courses they want to,
can hard-working,
honest and dedicated.
The executive director of the Beijing K  - 0 K 1,
to assist in the planning and formulation of business strategy,
complete the company administrative planning; 2,
formulate the rules and regulations of the company administration,
the administrative management planning of the company; 3,
responsible fo

Remember the first iPhone you bought? It was very touching

ring e,
that there is still some feelings,
first to vote: maybe when you choose iPhone,
because Jobs conference impassioned,
because creative advertising,
or you have never seen these pictures.
Click on the following video to see it,
look back at every step of iPhone growth,
created our present love! [message amp; forwarding] iPhone soon 10 years old,
how come not yet to 7?!


ring  of | philosophy 1.
dont vain people,
Knowledge is infinite.
humility is a kind of attitude,
is a kind of self-cultivation.
Put themselves in a correct position,
the power is on,
the money is outside the body,
the body is their own,
life is long.
dont be blind commitment in which action will reap a habit; sow a habit will reap a character; a character will reap a destiny -- used to create a person.
do not ask yourself to solve the problem,
do not throw the problem to others.
Respect independence,
do not infringe on others,
regard yourself as yourself - cherish yourself and live happily.
To know someone is a kind of wisdom,
can be recognized is a kind of happiness,
can know oneself is the Holy sage.
dont impose all of this is people,
not deliberately; the world is the world,
not carefully to get.
The three realm of life: look at the mountain is the mountain,
look at the water is the water,
the beginning of the people; look at the mountain is not the mountain,
look at the water is no

The real economy is gone, the Internet can not work, we should go from here?

ring e EMBA = business school the first public number,
free to subscribe to the journal source: Yang Qinkun (ID:iyqkpd) author: Yang Qinkun this is a cross-border robbery of the times,
you do not cross,
others would have crossed the field to beat you.
If one day you lose,
you dont even know who your opponent is.
This is the times,
and this is destiny.
Business booms or busts,
booms or busts,
wars and recessions - all of them go round and round,
but they always seem to come when people are unprepared.
- Peter Bernstein,
the risk,
the world has changed.
Closed shop tide intensified,
department stores,
convenience stores,
shopping malls all involved! An iron section; a running shop.
The closed shop,
or mean or mean pathos withdrawal,
Brokeback self-help,
or mean shift,
or means of mediation adjustment.
Whether the lessons or The imprint is engraved on my heart.
retreat strategy,
closed shop tide emerged even more ambitious plans strike the eye and rouse the mind the more wort

Do you know how hard it is to go to the college entrance examination in ancient times?

ring ory of 1400 years,
candidates even got to the capital to participate in college entrance examination qualifications,
the Beijing road is very dangerous,
families need to bear the heavy money,
there is a risk of unknown road.
This paper | ten years firewood Daoguang twenty-nine years (1849) the first month,
when the board of rites Shilang Zheng Guofan wrote a letter to the four brother apartment in Beijing,
talked about a story: the light of seventeen years,
two times already failed Zheng Guofan,
for the third time in eighteen years to light.
Once the family is a family was fairly well off the small landlords in the local,
but the first two times to already was almost out of money,
so people can only go to relatives and friends home loan.
Zhu Wang,
not a penny to borrow,
he had to go to find the same Uncle Li Jiang had Xiliu generation.
Once Xiliu is a business man,
he and his mate Chen Tiyuan will lend money to Zheng Guofan,
Zheng Guofan to Beijing,
and scholars in second years to enter the seni

Fruit in the morning, gold, afternoon, silver, evening is scrap iron, the truth is

ring it is really morning money,
afternoon silver? Another year of fruit listing,
here today to share some of the best time to eat fruit,
come to see it! Rumor 01,
before meals can not eat fruit,
affecting digestion and absorption of truth: half an hour before eating fruit can increase satiety,
but will not affect the digestion and absorption of food.
Fruits are rich in carbohydrates and can quickly be converted into glucose in the body and absorbed by the body.
With the rise in blood sugar,
can quickly reduce the brain of low blood sugar reaction,
and crude fiber in the fruit to stomach a bloated feeling,
so as to reduce the strong appetite,
so we reduce the diet high in fat and protein demand,
let us not violent overeating.
Rumor 02,
after dinner can not eat fruit,
will ferment in the stomach rot truth: 1 hours after eating fruit is the most appropriate.
Immediately after a meal to eat fruit,
slow digestion of starch,
protein and fat will affect digestion fast fruit,
may cause symptoms such as b

The 8 Secrets of wages, the boss never say, do not see the loss

ring recommend stocks,
diagnostic function on-line ~ click on the gold online public number menu bar,
boutique sinks - stock diagnostics,
you can view the latest stock rating! Wage refers to the employer in the form of money paid directly to the labor remuneration of the employee,
including hourly wages,
piece rate wages,
allowances and subsidies,
prolong the working time of wages and special circumstances to pay wages,
How much do you know about salary? The following 8 secret bosses will never tell you.
Come and have a look! 1,
the total salary does not include subsidies and subsidies? Wrong! Total wages is composed of six parts: first time wages; the piecework; the bonus; the allowances and subsidies; the payment of overtime wages; the special circumstances wages.
Allowances and subsidies to compensate workers refers to the special or extra labor and other special reasons for the allowances paid to employees,
and in order to ensure that the impact of inflation on real wages paid to

The singer ran to the south pole to sing for the penguin, but the penguin's reaction showed it all...

ring ny English opera singer who recently traveled to the South pole.
He wanted to sing a song after he saw the beautiful scenery of the antarctic.
Funny style appeared! The penguin reaction illustrates everything.
Stamp video,
feel free to comment here: under the lower degree degree Du: do you think about penguins feel? Embarrassed old bones: Qianshan bird flew away,
nobody trail.
The world has such a fascinating captain: never seen such an agile action Penguin: the disease is cured! Lin Xiaolin%amp: * running away,
scaring small animals is also a joke! Le Xiao sleep: ha ha ha ha laugh poor Penguin: how will the house of a crazy source: British Tencent (this video,
those things have been authorized) duty editor: Zhang Qin stamp bursting point points zan!