The music industry will be the next investment outlet fish music project investment entertainment special roadshow officially ended

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sponsored by the entertainment capital of the first private investment project roadshow entertainment fish music concert held in Beijing.
Roadshow scene big gathering,
the entertainment capital of six carefully selected items to the front of nearly 50 industry leading investors,
including Hu Haiquan Hai Quans fund,
todays headlines investment department,
second investment department,
com investment department,
think of the U.
Michihiro shares fund,
2345 the dozens of listed companies and industry capital,
and lake Shannan CPT capital,
Gobi capital,
venture capital and other entertainment workshop,
Ashi in the cultural industry layout of dozens of top VC institutions.
Dozens of investment institutions for all investors at the start of the roadshow due to cultural industry has a profound understanding,
and the direction of music has a strong investment interest,
so the roadshow for investors and entrepreneurs is always in the same channel.
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