The 13 strategy makes hypertension no longer a problem

ring  known that hypertension is a disease that causes heart attacks,
and even kidney failure,
so it must be treated.
How about that? Of course,
antihypertensive drugs,
but if lifestyle is not improved,
it is difficult to achieve antihypertensive effect.
Ill talk to you.
In addition to taking the medicine regularly,
what else can we do to deal with hypertension?.
understand the ideal blood pressure in healthy peoples own 120 / 80 mmHg,
but for those who are already hypertensive patients,
recommend blood pressure maintained at 140 / 90 mmHg,
if there are special circumstances,
such as diabetes,
required by the doctor goal individualized according to their personal situation.
Healthy people who do not have hypertension should be advised to measure their blood pressure once a year.
If the risk of hypertension is high,
such as those with hypertension in their families and those who drink and smoke for a long time,
it is recommended that blood pressure be measured once a