Do the red carpet in Cannes fashion than the opening ceremony is also lively only care for me who the best dressed

ring r at the Cannes Film Festival is not only the film art festival,
is a big stage of female stars zhengfangdouyan.
Of course,
in addition to Yan value and gas field,
want to win the red carpet Queens laurel,
their dress is to be carefully selected.
the Cannes red carpet best costume beauty actually wore which dress? 2016 - Liu Yifei come nearly a hand with embroidered flowers Christian Dior high order gorgeous and elegant dress,
and the gentle light pink is elegant fairy sister Liu Yifei show the most incisive.
In addition to the haute couture dresses,
Dior Couture workshop also ordered a dedicated banquet for Liu Yifei hand bag.
Before the final appearance in Cannes,
the haute couture dress went through two tests in Hongkong and Paris.
In the last three months,
the craftsmen recorded Liu Yifeis opinions and revised them in order to be perfect.
Dozens of pale pink flowers bloom gracefully on ceremony dresses,
perfect for the image of,
the Dior nectar series,
and the ambassador of Greater C