Cultural bridge connecting the two nation board games

ring erman Embassy counsellor David Baumgart meeting,
and happy,
DICE CON won the game from the kingdom of support! For the past two weeks,
the German Embassy has been catching up with unusual weather conditions in Beijing,
but its been delayed by a common traffic jam to prepare for a first meeting with David.
Because the time is hasty,
hand unopened English game only a box of Jaipur is more appropriate,
when David saw SDJ obsolete nomination logo print on the back of the said very well in Germany,
ESSEN and SDJ are board games,
but they re familiar with the concept of interrelated.
I said to him,
I came here today and wanted to talk to you.
We want to do something similar in China.
Last weekend,
DICE was invited to join the Chilean Academy of Sciences in the German Embassys OPEN DAY.
The theme of this event is childhood and youth in Germany,
since last year,
the leaders of the two countries will be in 2016 as the German Youth Cultural Exchange Year,
so the activities of the German Embassy