An Israeli bird with a bird's eye camera did the same thing

ring everybody,
Im hilarious.
today is a bit more rare,
the story is a little long,
but is a story you read patiently striking one snag after another,
In the picture,
one named Eagle Owl (XI.
O) the bird launched a surprise attack (also called owl).
He took advantage of brown tailed Buzzard (Kuang,
four) females (closest to the picture),
a sleeping chicks in the nest preening,
raided the baby.
The first reaction is,
the owl is different from what I usually see! Obviously more adorable asked under Baidu down decisively,
(as if whats wrong?) The discovery is not like that.
Simple science: eagle owl,
nocturnal birds of prey,
is the worlds largest owl,
large (69 cm) long legged buzzard,
large birds of prey,
body length 50-65 cm,
weight 1280 grams.
The two are evidently similar,
and the owl dares attack the same kind.
the second reaction is that the baby bird is a pity,
but I also got some good news,
that is,
its not dead,
its back! The story is probably so.