An interactive technique based on white paper is somewhat magical

ring per with a story,
do not know the poor friends will take a piece of white paper to do,
or fold the plane.
Of course,
can fold a paper airplanes friends are the ingenuity of the poor.
But today,
small two to recommend a black technology,
let our white paper become intelligent,
through a piece of paper can connect to the internet.
in the end how intelligent,
first wave of figure to enjoy the next.
Simply press the paper.
Sliding around the paper feels like playing the piano.
Draw a circle on the paper! Slip away on paper.
You can flip left and right! Of course,
none of the above functions will satisfy you.
Look at the actual application scenarios.
When you do your homework,
just press the answer directly on the paper.
Paper can also be used to control the light.
Adjust the color and brightness of the desk lamp on paper.
This is the second most love,
blowing the pinwheel feel wonderful.
Isnt it amazing that a piece of paper that can come up with such a cool effect.
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