The new event recommends a movie featuring wine and meat, a picture of escaping from the mainstream

t activities have been reported again! This time,
have fun,
make sure you have fun every day,
and bid farewell to emptiness and loneliness! This is about,
here there is wine and meat with the blockbuster Beijing: Lama Temple Street No.
179 north two East (with Beixinqiao subway north 100 meters) Vagabon.
parking price: 99 time: love and life 5.
11 movies,
movies make us moved and relax our love of movies and persistence are in fact proved that the film is an indispensable part of our life.
And I love movies,
and I hope a group of like-minded little friends can enjoy the good times of watching movies together.
Once a year,
the Beijing Film Festival is always hard to get a ticket.
And here are the best screens and stereos,
and hundreds of brews of beer and American BBQ,