Special interview with Berlin Chan, I never changed, just the way you look at me

very fun thing is,
I look at this world,
I see other people through this thing in the world to see me,
then I don't have a purpose to let everyone see me,
are actually feel the world.
Berlin Chan's new film is on.
The film's poster looks like a glass window covered with rain and fog.
The shadows behind the window reveal only Berlin Chan's eyes.
His facial droop,
like there are thousands and thousands of words,
The movie goodbye,
don't see the theme song and the old hair wearing Polo shirts,
sometimes carrying ugly briefcase,
sometimes with his hair into 37 points,
see Zhang Shihao youth stubborn,
not Li Da Ren natural affection,
River is different from the simple wooden,
of course no,
more like monk is so funny.
This is Berlin Chan in goodbye,
not seen trailer.