Remember the history of the great opening shot shear mixing

reat and classic movies,
the opening of the lens shows unusual charm of light and shade.
The history of many classic movies opening scenes are destined to become eternal,
such as touch of evil,
the Orson Wells in 1956 works opening for up to 3 minutes and 20 seconds long shot is considered to be the movie history of the classic long shot,
known as the film textbook,
has always been the director and the photographer Guangzhou for praise.
Have to say,
a powerful opening shot added a lot to the movie.
Another example is sand in the sunset opening of the The Doorway shot,
is also a classic textbook,
many applications after the movies are imitated and used in the film The Doorway shot attained perfection,
in addition,
some of the opening shot is generally the scene,
such as The Professiona