Have you heard fesringer rules how many people were destroyed because they do not understand

ocial psychologist Festinger (Festinger) is a famous judge,
known as the Festinger rule: life is 10% what happens to you,
and the other 90% is up to you for what happened to response decision.
In other words,
10% of life is out of our control,
and the other 90% is what we can control.
Festinger in the book cites an example of this.
Kasdin wakes up in the morning after the wash,
readily own luxury watches on the washing table,
his wife is afraid of water wet,
will take over on the table.
When the son got up and got his bread on the table,
he accidentally broke his watch on the floor.
Kasdin loved his watch and hit her son on the bottom.
Then he scolded his wife with a black face.
The wife is not convinced,
saying that he is afraid of water and wet his watch.
Kasdin said his watch was wate