Every life is a movie worth collecting

a child,
I was looking forward to flying birds.
I was free to spread my arms and soar in the sky.
parents expect,
imprison young time,
shoulder bag more heavy.
After 9 years of hard time,
I finally stood at the gate of life.
The road ahead is long,
and it makes sense to walk through it.
no longer a person in the world of struggle,
more than a worry about,
a lot of peace of mind,
that is home.
The arrival of little life,
another door to life has been opened.
No matter what the future holds,
there will always be silent support behind.
The best thing in life is that a family is harmonious and a career is happy.
Everyone's life is a collection of movies,
constantly challenging,
or moving on.
The new Volvo S90 - the same as the birds ride everyone,
when they were young or ha