A woman who has survived the world's greatest humiliation; her speech is more worth listening to than Clinton's.

s 22,
I fell in love with my boss.
At the age of 24,
I swallowed the bitter pill of this love affair.
The White House intern,
former U.
President Clinton sex scandal of the party,
Monica Lewinski was the object world humiliation,
was marked by a slut,
stupid brand.
By the media as that woman after the call,
Lewinsky's fate is ups and,
in order to avoid the media tracking,
she fled to London to read a graduate student in psychology,
after returning to the United States were living in New York and Losangeles,
because of her special experience and identity,
she couldn't find work,
no stable economic source and most of the time is spent in volunteering,
and friends of the party co.
Nearly 20 years later,
she chose to be a leading their own destiny and a femi